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Analysis of patient’s medical records, translation, transfer of information (PET CT, cytology, biopsy, videogastro-colonoscopy, markers and tumor type) — to Japan, organization of online consultations with Japanese professors, organization of patient treatment in Japan. This is the application of timely diagnosis and evidence-based medicine. Focus on immunity and patient vitality.

The composition of the program is well compatible with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, surgery, and traditional immunotherapy:
It is compiled individually.
Top-prescribed effective  methods  by doctors:
— gene therapy quickly stops the growth and division of a tumor of any localization (PTEN and P 53 and others) 2-week course; ( )
— Gc-MAF oral high dose — activating factor of protective cells of the body — macrophages in any part of the body: used to activate phagocytosis and the formation of complete phagocytosis. Duration 6-12 weeks course.  ( )) 

— TTF tumor treating field — electrostatic head helmets, body jacket again metastasis — stops tumor division and ressolve metastasis and solid tumors. Mediates production of IL-18. Maded individually and incorporated in  fit-size medical clothing, it is recommended to wear it  4 — 8 hours / a day — a course duration is 3-6-12 months.
— High-dose macrophage activator M-protein injection — highly purified form of recombinant Gc-MAF treats oncology of any localization course from 2 to 24 weeks.
-Ozonotherapy — German protocol for oncotherapy.
-Hyperosmolar vitamin C — intravenous infusion protocol for oncology.
Frequently used in the program:
-Ultrasound-Sono-dynamic therapy and photodynamic therapy with a sensitizer. Proton therapy and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) — coagulates ophol cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.
-Sensibilized lymphocytes, T / NK killers
— Dendritic cell therapy — autologous drug
— Detoxification of blood, lymph, intestines of all body systems with natural sorbents and vortex liquid media.
-Cancer vaccine made from the patient’s own blood
-Vaccine Kolei
— Anticancer vaccine in the form of an antigen-antibody complex.
-High-dose maitaki extract, herbal anti-cancer drugs,
— vitamin B17 amygdalin
-Naltrexone in low doses LDN — anti-cancer protocol.
-CTC Test (circulating cancer cells)


Additional MAF studied effects note:

M-Protein: This is an injectable high dosage enrich medication form of  macrophage activator GC-MAF for use in adults and children.
Effects: Normalizes and stops the cytokine storm. Regulates and  normalizes the content of interleukins. Lengthens telomeres, rejuvenates cells, stops aging. It launches and restores the innate cellular immunity of all body tissues, even macrophages in the eye, neuroglia, endothelium of all vessels of the body, including the vessels of the kidneys,  brain, endocrine organs and capillaries, the immune APUD-system of the intestine tube. 
«Sleeping» macrophages under MAF influence  «wake up», anticancer NK killers are activated, release pseudopodia in all directions and
phagocytose and completely digest pathogens (complete phagocytosis is formed till CO2 and H2O). Cell membranes are cleaned (from opsonised proteins and cells complexes). The perception of signals of secondary messengers by MAF affected cells is restore. There is a MAF body purification from viruses (including Covid19), bacteria, protozoa (including tuberculosis), parasites like worms, etc. The patient’s body data returns to normal physiology indicators and markers rates. Allergies are treated because  anti-idiotypic antibodies and allergens are eliminated  from the body, rehabilitation from side effects and  long-term consequences of past vaccines and infections,  anti-oncology medication number one.
Recombinant MA is produced from the selected  iso-form of the «Macrophage activator protein active centers» based on a special vitamin-D-binding protein originally discovered in  colostrum/ M-protein has a signaling function for all cells of the immune system.
First time  isolated in 1991 and in pure form bovine and human colostrum samples. Recombinant form made  in  highly active substance from colostrum-type of protein in 2015 by Hitoshi Hori, Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Uto at Tohoku University Japan.
It well clinically proved actions are: increases all chaines of immunity, rise  muscle  strength and endurance, destroys all types of  viruses, including all influenza and rotavirus viruses, restores the work on the absorption of all vitamins and microelements and its own detoxification and intestinal regulation, helps in tissues of monocyte differentiation of white blood cells into tissue macrophages that eat and completely digesting pathogens — destroys cancer cells and stops the genesis of blood vessels in the tumor, dissolving the tumor, cleansing of bacteria, cleansing of parasites. Performs the function of healthy dendritic cells. Restores the work of the entire lymphatic system. Rejuvenates and repairs the genetic apparatus of the cell, restores the telomeres anti-aging effect.

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